Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you frequent my blog?????

I finally added a few more friends blogs to my list. I have been meaning to do that forever. I still have a few that I need to add. As I was searching today for a few url address so I could add them I came accross some friends from Greeley that had me on their list as checking my blog out. So I added them. I was wondering if there was anyone else who goes on every once in awhile. I know I am not a frequent blogger but I do go on everyday to check out and see what everyone else is doing. So if you frequent my blog let me know so I can add you to my list. It is always fun to see what everyone is up to.
5 days to Mexico.
I had a great weekend shopping with my sisters. I forgot to take my camera and was going to have Keltie take a picutre so I could post it...but forgot. Found some cute new items to take on my trip and now I am just ready to go.
Miss Baylee finally took a bottle so I feel like everything is going to be okay. Rye and I decided to stay in a hotel on saturday night as we need to be at the airport fairly early sunday morning. So we are going to watch our DUKE boys in the final four in our hotel room. Looking forward to it greatly.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We have a Hole

Well I never thought this day would come. But it finally is here and we have a hole in the ground. I think Ryan was even more excited than I was. I think the drive and late nights is getting very old. Tevin and him have even resorted to sleeping in his office. It has been a crazy month. We have been to Medicine Hat and Edmonton for Tevin's basketball. All without Ryan. He has worked almost every weekend this month and had lots of extra functions going on. Being a single parent is getting old. Our almost completely potty trained girl has totally regressed and it is almost back to square one. She has fortunately got the popping thing down but can't seem to know when she needs to pee. If I take her all day she is fine but she wont communicate. Ryan says don't get so frustrated with her. I tell him you come home then and potty train her and see if you don't get frustrated. Anyway I am trying to be patient with her. Her life is in such chaos right now. She hardly sees her daddy and is such a daddy's girl. She cries every time he leaves and her anxiety is so high she wont leave either of our sides. She wouldn't even go to nursery last week. So I figure when we get back from Mexico we will be getting rid of a soother and get this potty thing down.
We leave for Mexico in 9 days. I am very excited and very stressed at the same time. Baylee will not take a bottle. Refuses. I have resorted to feeding her rice cereal 2 times a day and will up that to 3 just before we go so that she is actually getting some food in her. We are trying a sippy cup and that is going okay. Yesterday I decided that I needed to stop nursing her during the day so that both our systems could get use to it. By 8 I was in tears I hurt so much. So hopefully after a few days of that my body will settle down and Bay will get use to not being able to nurse. I just wish this darn trip was in about 6 more months when I didn't' have a nursing baby to worry about. Oh well I am trying to not get to worked up about it and not let it ruin our trip. Which is a much needed break for both of us.
Well I was worried I wasn't going to get my March post in but I did it. I am going shopping this weekend to try and find a dress for this wedding. I went to this girls house yesterday who sells modest clothing to look for something. She has lots of swimsuits from Down East Basics and different companies likes that. I hadn't really planned on buying a new suit as they are expensive. I had purchased a cheap suit from Costco for 25 bucks. Nothing great but it was cheap. Well it is a little low cut and I figured it would be but I thought it would be okay. Well we went swimming for FHE on monday night and I wore it. At the end of the night Abbie says to me..."Mom I don't like that swimsuit. It shows to much of your...." She couldn't quite say boobs. I could tell all night that she was bothered by the fact my chest was pretty exposed. So I figured if my 9 year old daughter was embarrassed than I should be to. So I broke down and spent $80 on a suit but at least it is modest and very cute, so I don't have to embarrass my daughter. What a good kid.
So I hope everyone is well and I know we are all ready for some spring weather. I am looking forward to soaking up some sun and can't wait to go exploring and we get to watch the final NCAA game on the beach sipping Pina Coladas. Oh yeah that's what I'm talking about....GO DUKE!!!!!!
Chow for now and I will be back after Mexico. Here are some fun pictures of what we've been up to lately.