Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Proud, Awesome weekend and ahhhh I hate Moving....

Well I couldn't decide on which title to use so I went with all three. I figured I better get my post done early today or it wouldn't happen and I have to pack my computer up today.
We went to Steamboat on the weekend for Tevin for a baseball tourney and had an awesome time. Grandma and Grandpa H came and met us down their and we were so grateful that they did. Tevin's team played great and won the tournament. I am so proud of him. He is such a great ball player. He plays first base and is really good and he pitches. He has been struggling hitting the ball the last few weekends and so that has really made him and his dad frustrated. We made it to the semi final game and Tevin was on the mound. He "pitched his guts out" as the baseball expression goes. They went into extra innings and he was so nervous but he kept compossed and did it. It was one of those movie ending. We were home team - which means we get last bat- which was a huge advantage. It was tied 6-6, we had 2 out and the kid up to bat had two strikes on him. If he struck out or got out we would have to play an extra inning and Tevin wouldn't of been able to pitch because he had pitched all that he was allowed to. Kaylor hit the ball and it dropped just infront of the center fielder and our guy on third base scored to win the game. It was very exciting. They went on to win the championship game 12-6. We have been lucky to be a part of a great baseball family and we will miss them so much. They got a cake for us and some goodbye gifts that we are so grateful for and where truly touched by there love and kindness.
Today is also M day. Moving day. Although we have been in the moving stages for a month now but today we should be done and have most everything packed on on the pods ready to go. Ryan leaves tomorrow for a month. The kids and I will stay for July and then off we go. We are so excited and so sad at the same time. We feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and have been so blessed living here in Greeley. I managed to get my post in for June but it will probably be August before I get another one in. So in the meantime I enjoy reading all of your blogs and wish everyone a Happy Canada Day and a Happy fourth of July!!!!!
It appears I can't get my pictures to post so I will come back later and try again!!!!!!