Sunday, April 26, 2009

Which Way Will The Wind Blow

Well what can I say. Recovering from streep. Home from Texas and still no decisions on where life will take us. Although we are getting closer.... I think. North or South it will either be one direction or the either. We think. Or maybe not!!!!!! I was just looking at my blog real quick. After looking at a few others I realize how boring my blog must be. But what can I say. Every post will be about my kids at whats going on with them...because pretty much that is my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything. So back to Texas. Well it was an interesting trip. I think we definately felt like we were entering another country. There were not alot of trees, no mountains and alot of dirt. So could we live their and be happy? I don't know. Thats the question that haunts me at night. The city was pretty old and the schools were very old. But the people were awesome and so very friendly and nice. Their was a church on every corner...litterally every corner and they got bigger and bigger. No we were not in Utah and they were not Mormon churches. Being asked what church you go to is just standard. The realtor even likes to make sure the missionaries get water all of the time. But the job would be great and we would adapt!!!!
What will the North hold for us. That is yet to be determined. We wont know that until the end of May. Yesturday I was pro South and today I am pro North. I wish the Lord would just give me a vision in my sleep and maybe then my streep would go away and I could focus on getting things done. Well that is about all I can musture up for now. I have some cute pictures of the kids at easter so I think I will add those. Have a happy week to y'all. oops that must the Texas in me starting to rub off!!!!!! Oh yah...opinions on double strollers!!!! Side by side or front to back. Whe the double stroller??????? Lets see a gainage of 5 pounds already, feeling like crap, lovenox shots twice a day in the belly and Ryan convinced that it will be another girl. A promise that this will be it......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


This post is long over due. The insanity has been through the roof. I have been super busy being one of the main people behind the scenes of making sure Tevin's play of Beauty and the Beast was a success.
It was such an awesome experience. I worked so hard and made new friends along the way. And saw moms and dads and teachers sacrifice so much for these kids.
They were fantastic. I will post some photos but I was so far back that they are not great shots.
In the middle of all of this I had company who came with crappy weather. And I got a blood clot in my let about a foot or so long. Rye and I were to take of for a few days alone since my parents were already here. But that did not happen. It felt like things were out of control. But fortunatly we were able to get everything done. Had a wonderful time with family who I love very much. And Rye and I are still able to take our little trip in a couple of weeks.
Where are were going?????
No where real exciting but potentially life changing. Stay tuned.... (which probably means atleast a month from now) lol oh well I can only do what I can do.
I had something happen this week to some dear friends of mine that has caused me severe pain and anger and tears and all of that. It really helped me to put life into perspective and put my priorities in place.
All I will say is mothers hug your children a little more each day. Speak in a kinder voice, do a sweet something for your hubby and stay strong to your faith and beliefs because you never know how quickly that all can change.
For those of you who have not heard of Mark Mabry(spelling). I am going to attempt to post a link for a youtube. If it doesn't work go to you tube and type in Reflections of Christ. It is a short video of work that he is done. I think it is awesome and wanted to share that with you all.
I hope that you all have a good day and that even though life is hard it is so worth fighting for!!!!!!