Monday, October 18, 2010

puppy, puppy,puppy

Well I better get my act in gear with blogging before life is gone and the kids are all grown up!!
I can't get over how time goes by so quickly. Some dear friends of ours lost there 39 year old daughter on friday to cancer. She was diagnosed less than 6 weeks ago! Wow is right. She was a single girl but she was a elementary teacher and although I did not know her personally very well she was an awesome person. Ryan played basketball with her brother Spencer Holt at the Uof L many many moons ago. Barb and Wayne Holt there parents are the best of the best. They treated Ryan and I so good during our basketball years and we will always hold a special place in our heart for them as we spent many times at there home playing cut throat UNO and sitting in the stands together cheers our boys on. It is times like these that I am knocked back to reality and am reminded of all the many blessing I have.
Which unfortunealty includes now a puppy!!!!!
For those of you who know about our last experience with a puppy I imagine you are laughing right now and wondering why!
But it is called a husband who loves dogs and couldn't wait until spring like we planned. That way we would have a yard and a deck and a fence. Oh no we needed to get this puppy right now.
But I can say she is adorable and we love her. The short time she has been on our home is more enjoyable than one day with Redick. I don't think we even had one good day with that poor mut!!!
Her name is Sage and I think she is going to be a good one.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow part 2

Okay so my journaling didn't quite make it to my post last night. As usual I was having problems with aligning my pictures with my words and then my brother and I talked for 1.5 hours and by then I had to leave for work. So the moral of the story is...I didn't get me post done. So here it is.
Life here has been very busy as usual. Slowly I am getting things done around the house. There are still lots of little things to do. But it's coming. The pictures below are of the main floor. It was sunday yesterday so the upstairs of course was a mess. I will try and get the up and down stairs done in the next few days.
The kids have been busy starting there fall activities and I have started 2 part time jobs.
So between the kids, my jobs and Ryans work we have discovered that our time together is very precious.
We are heading down to Colorado in a few weekends for the girls to be sealed in the temple to the Casey's. We are very excited and only Rye and I are going so we are looking forward to some time alone. It will be a quick trip but we are excited for it.
Well thats all for now folks!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still here and its moving Day

Okay so I know my blogging has been super lame. I don't know why I have been so lame about it. But life is about to change again and we are so excited. Did our walk through for the house last night and it looks stunning. Just a few things to fix and take care of but we should be set to go for tomorrow. We are loading up the trucks today and off we go in the morning.
So pictures and new house to follow soon...promise Amber!
Wish us luck that we don't completely scratch up the new walls in the first day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Well life here has been busy. Which is good. The busier things are the faster time goes by. Here is a picture of the house. It actually is all framed we are just waiting for a roof. Next week I should have some pictures of the roof to put on.
Last night we went to the girls final concert. It was awesome. The choir instructor does three choirs. Children's, Youth and Seniors. The Children's choir which the girls are in is pretty large and they are very good. They sang beautifully. The youth choir the kids are 12-15 ish and the senior choir is high school age, university age kids. They are amazing. They sang some songs last night that just sent chills up your spin and literally took your breath away. You could feel the spirit in the room. It was awesome. I am so glad I had found this choir for the girls to be a part of. It was a pain driving to Lethbridge every Wednesday but well worth it. Next year life will be so much easier when we are 5 minutes away from everything.
Well the weather here has been awful and we are so looking forward to some nicer weather so the kids can play baseball and soccer.
We are off to Calgary for the weekend to see my parents and hang out with family. Should be fun!!!!

Welcome to life with Bryna. She really is like no other child I have ever been around. She is into everything and has so much life to her. You can't help but fall in love with her instantly. She definitely keeps me busy and brings new challenges to my life each day!!!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I get so frustrated trying to organize the pictures on this thing. The pictures are backwards to what I am going to write.
This was by far our most favorite day. We had such a wonderful time. We booked a tour with an LDS tour guide called Mosiah. He and his family run tours all over the place down in Mexico. We had such an awesome time with him. We learned alot about the Mexican culture and way of life. Saw many things and learned so much at Chickenitza.
My favorite spots were where he showed us Samuel the Laminate would of stood as well and the 2060 pillars that represent the stripling warriors. It was simply breathtaking. I felt the spirit and was so amazed by the structures and the Book of Morman coming to life for us.
It was well worth the money spent to have him take us.
After we were done at Chickenitza we went to this cenote that was about 5 min. away. It was simply breathtaking. After being out in the hot sun it was so refreshing to jump in and cool off. The jump was pretty high and you hit the water pretty hard. My face and butt stung for a few minutes. But it was beautiful. The Cenote itself was about 60 feet down and then from the water it was about another 90 feet down. There were vines and roots that hung down and little black fish that swam in the wate all around you. Sometimes you would feel them brush up to your legs.
We came home exhausted but so enriched and rejuvinated. I highly reccomend the tour and the cenote.
Well that is about all I have. Our last day we were going to go ATVing and then into another cenote but we were so wipped out from Chickenitza that we decieded not to go. So we went into Playa Del Carmen and did a little shopping and bartering and got some fun souveniors for everyone. Then we came home and I hit the beach for a few more hours while Rye took a nap. We ate our final meal at the asian restuarant there and it was very good. We were able to experience mexican, Italian, French and Asian cusine at the al la carte restuarants.
We had such a wonderful time and were ready to get home to see the kids. Not so ready to be home to the freaking cold weather that welcomed us.
I can't wait to go back again and take the kids. Our goal is in 5 years. To save up and take the kidos with us. And hopefully grandma and grandpa so we can have some extra hands.
Well It has been almost a month since we left which is crazy to think. My tan is almost gone but we are on the count down for the house. I have some more pictures to post and hopefully will get to that later. We should have a roof on by the end of the week.
So long for now.

wedding day

I am trying to get these posts done. The computer here is so slow and takes forever for my pictures to down load that I don't always get them done. Anyway this day was a nice relaxing day. We just took it easy at the resort. Slept in, layed by the beach, went swimming in the ocean and did some reading. Well Ryan did some reading. I tried I just wasn't into it. I just preferred to lay and feel the sun on me and sleep and enjoy the peace and quiet.
We had to be ready by 5 for the wedding.
We had an enjoyable night. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time visiting and celebrating Jay's marriage.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well I have finally got a second with no baby in arm to get these posts going. She is at that stage where she needs to see me or be with me all the time and sitting in front of the computer doesn't work because she attacks everything in sight.
But she is sleeping pretty consistently through the night so that is great.
I have had sick kids and hubby home this whole week which turned into nothing getting accomplished and being very lazy. We watched Lord of the Rings for two days in a row and enjoyed being lazy. Finally got my but in gear yesturday to get some work done and we get the call from Greeley that it is raining and the basement is flooding. So needless to say Ryan is currently in Greeley as I am typing at the Pauls house. So jelous that he is there. Miss Greeley so much.
ANyway on to my trip. It may be christmas before I get all my posts done!!!!
Day 3 we decided to venture out on our own and see what taking the public transit would be like.
Basically you got out onto the highway and stand by the road and wait for a big van to come by and pick you up. We went out and sure enough in 2 seconds a van pulled up and we were on our way. We went to Tulum to check out the ruins. We went on our own with no tour guide. That was fine but I think next time we will hire a tour guide so we can learn more about it. This first picture is of a coconut. I posted this so you could see that we drank out of one of these but I didn't get a picture of ours. They were interesting. They call it coconut milk but it is clear like water. It tastes almost like a carbonated water. Very tasty.

Tulum was amazing. It is like this big huge city by the sea. It had walls all the way around it and tall look out points for spoting people coming. The water and beach were amazing. The sand was so soft. The water is so clear. We later learned from others that the best beach to go to was further down in the town of Tulum. I guess it was amazing. Next time we go we will have to venture to that beach. Parts of the beach by the resort was very rocky so you had to search for spots that was safe to go swimming in. I guess that is why Tulum was so amazing. There were no rocks to hit your feet on.

We spent about 3 hours there and then headed back to the resort. It was perfect we got back in time for our daily nap and relaxing by the beach for awhile. Then we had to get ready for the wedding rehersal. We ate with everyone an the world cafe and then they did a quick run through of how everyone was to walk and all that. It was a nice night. When we were done we went for a long walk around the resort along the paths they have. It was very nice. Another great day.

ANd yes Ryan did a number to his face. It's called learn how to apply sun screen!!!!!! lol

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2

Well Day 2 was equally as awesome. We went to this place called Xel-Ha you say it shell ha. It was their version of a water park. It was pretty neat. They had this long river that we rode down. We started on tubes. Their was this place called the cliff of courage. We stopped their to jump off of it. I don't have any pictures because I didn't have my camera with me in the water. And well we were both jumping. Ryan managed to lose his snorkeling mask and his locker key in a matter of 20 minutes. Fortunately he spotted his snorkeling mask and he got that but he lost his locker key and we had to pay 5 bucks to replace it. What a guy.
Anyway the jump off the cliff was fun.
We got back on our tubes for awhile, then I was having a hard time going anywhere so we jumped in the water and started our snorkeling adventure. It took us awhile to find where the fish were but we did find them. They like to stick close to the coral the the rocks. It was pretty cool to see. We were both feeling a little sea sick so we got out and relaxed for a bit and got something to eat. Now that I knew where all the great fish where I wanted to get back in but Rye had had enough. Not much of a water guy to begin with.
So we found a great spot where he could sit in read in the shade and I could get back in for more exploring. I only lasted about 30 minutes and I was done. The constant motion of the water moving was more than my stomach could handle. So I got out and sat in the sun for an hour. Then it was on to the best part of the day. I went and swam with the dolphins. It was great. It was such an awesome experience and I was glad Rye persuaded me to go for it.
It was amazing what a calm feeling it was to be in the water with them. They were so breathtaking and calm. They felt like soft rubber. You wanted to just grab on to their fin and let them take you for a ride. But of course you couldn't. You could have the dolphin give you a ride but of course it cost extra. Everything down their is about the money. That's another post.
Anyway it was amazing and an experience I will never forget.
Later we came home and of course took our daily nap. Got showered and dressed up for the evening. This night we had decided to go to the Mexican restaurant. But it was closed as they had set up tones of tables and chairs on the plaza for a big Mexican buffet. We had a blast visiting with friends and they brought out a mechanical bull. Rye got in line to go do it but they shut it down before he had a chance to get on.
It was a great night and an awesome day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where to begin......

Where to begin. We had the most amazing trip. It was truly everthing I had imagined it would be.There is so much to write and tell. So I thought I would do it day by day. It might take me a few days to get it all written.
We got there sunday night and were just blown away by the scenary and the beach. We were pretty hungry so we got our names on a list for a resturant. We ate the first night at the seaside grill. It was located right down by the beach. It was incredible. The sun sets there very early so by 7 it is dark. Which took a little getting use to.
Monday was our first full day and was a great day. We slept in, went and got some breakfast at the buffet. Ate way to much. Which seemed to be a common theme each day. When it's All Inclusive why not.
We spent most of the day on the beach, relaxing, reading, sleeping. Some friends we went with found a great spot about 5 minutes down from our beach that was not so rocky. We walked down there and had our first taste of what it was like to swim in the ocean,
It was incredible. The water was so warm and of course tasted very salty. But it was like swimming in a warm bath. I loved it. It was one of my favorite parts was swimming in the ocean. The water was so clear and breathtaking. It almost doesn't seem real.
Then we went back for a nap and to get out of the sun for a little. Shower and get ready for the evening. Most of the a la carte restaurants there require you to dress up to dine. It was lots of fun. Note to self for next trip, back way less capris and shorts and shirts and more skirts and beachy clothes. I took way to much stuff that I didn't even wear. Monday night we dined at the French restuarant. It was a highlight. I was a little nervous about the food. But it was very yummy. Probably are favorite restuarant. It was great. Then we headed down to the beach for the big game. It was amazing. Watching Duke win the national championship while on the beach. There was only one other person there cheering Duke on. Everyone else was cheering for Butler. So we cheered very loud and were so excited. A dream come true.