Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well I have finally got a second with no baby in arm to get these posts going. She is at that stage where she needs to see me or be with me all the time and sitting in front of the computer doesn't work because she attacks everything in sight.
But she is sleeping pretty consistently through the night so that is great.
I have had sick kids and hubby home this whole week which turned into nothing getting accomplished and being very lazy. We watched Lord of the Rings for two days in a row and enjoyed being lazy. Finally got my but in gear yesturday to get some work done and we get the call from Greeley that it is raining and the basement is flooding. So needless to say Ryan is currently in Greeley as I am typing at the Pauls house. So jelous that he is there. Miss Greeley so much.
ANyway on to my trip. It may be christmas before I get all my posts done!!!!
Day 3 we decided to venture out on our own and see what taking the public transit would be like.
Basically you got out onto the highway and stand by the road and wait for a big van to come by and pick you up. We went out and sure enough in 2 seconds a van pulled up and we were on our way. We went to Tulum to check out the ruins. We went on our own with no tour guide. That was fine but I think next time we will hire a tour guide so we can learn more about it. This first picture is of a coconut. I posted this so you could see that we drank out of one of these but I didn't get a picture of ours. They were interesting. They call it coconut milk but it is clear like water. It tastes almost like a carbonated water. Very tasty.

Tulum was amazing. It is like this big huge city by the sea. It had walls all the way around it and tall look out points for spoting people coming. The water and beach were amazing. The sand was so soft. The water is so clear. We later learned from others that the best beach to go to was further down in the town of Tulum. I guess it was amazing. Next time we go we will have to venture to that beach. Parts of the beach by the resort was very rocky so you had to search for spots that was safe to go swimming in. I guess that is why Tulum was so amazing. There were no rocks to hit your feet on.

We spent about 3 hours there and then headed back to the resort. It was perfect we got back in time for our daily nap and relaxing by the beach for awhile. Then we had to get ready for the wedding rehersal. We ate with everyone an the world cafe and then they did a quick run through of how everyone was to walk and all that. It was a nice night. When we were done we went for a long walk around the resort along the paths they have. It was very nice. Another great day.

ANd yes Ryan did a number to his face. It's called learn how to apply sun screen!!!!!! lol


Alanna said...

Fun pics. So sorry to hear about the flooding. We have had a tremendous amount of rain here the past couple of days.

Stefanie said...

Kyle's still fuming about Duke winning it all....

Wow, what a trip! Glad you guys got to go together and had a great time. Ya, Ryan looks a little toasty!

Joanne said...

I totally want to go to Tulum. so jealous! you guys look great and tanned.