Monday, May 3, 2010


I get so frustrated trying to organize the pictures on this thing. The pictures are backwards to what I am going to write.
This was by far our most favorite day. We had such a wonderful time. We booked a tour with an LDS tour guide called Mosiah. He and his family run tours all over the place down in Mexico. We had such an awesome time with him. We learned alot about the Mexican culture and way of life. Saw many things and learned so much at Chickenitza.
My favorite spots were where he showed us Samuel the Laminate would of stood as well and the 2060 pillars that represent the stripling warriors. It was simply breathtaking. I felt the spirit and was so amazed by the structures and the Book of Morman coming to life for us.
It was well worth the money spent to have him take us.
After we were done at Chickenitza we went to this cenote that was about 5 min. away. It was simply breathtaking. After being out in the hot sun it was so refreshing to jump in and cool off. The jump was pretty high and you hit the water pretty hard. My face and butt stung for a few minutes. But it was beautiful. The Cenote itself was about 60 feet down and then from the water it was about another 90 feet down. There were vines and roots that hung down and little black fish that swam in the wate all around you. Sometimes you would feel them brush up to your legs.
We came home exhausted but so enriched and rejuvinated. I highly reccomend the tour and the cenote.
Well that is about all I have. Our last day we were going to go ATVing and then into another cenote but we were so wipped out from Chickenitza that we decieded not to go. So we went into Playa Del Carmen and did a little shopping and bartering and got some fun souveniors for everyone. Then we came home and I hit the beach for a few more hours while Rye took a nap. We ate our final meal at the asian restuarant there and it was very good. We were able to experience mexican, Italian, French and Asian cusine at the al la carte restuarants.
We had such a wonderful time and were ready to get home to see the kids. Not so ready to be home to the freaking cold weather that welcomed us.
I can't wait to go back again and take the kids. Our goal is in 5 years. To save up and take the kidos with us. And hopefully grandma and grandpa so we can have some extra hands.
Well It has been almost a month since we left which is crazy to think. My tan is almost gone but we are on the count down for the house. I have some more pictures to post and hopefully will get to that later. We should have a roof on by the end of the week.
So long for now.

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