Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ryan took Emily to Wal-Mart with him yesturday and she wanted to take her own money. She decided that she was going to buy some gum. Ryan told her that he would buy it for her. But she insisted on using her own money. She was very proud of herself. The great part of it was she came home and shared a piece with everyone in the house. And in our house that is alot of people (except Autumn because she was sure that Autumn was to little to have gum)!!!!


We are the Moses tribe. said...

How very grown up of Emily to use her own money and then share with everyone. Good for her.

Sarah said...

Yes!! Hopefully she will stay that independent and always turn down your money! Haha!! Welcome to blogging!

Logan and Ashley said...

That is too sweet that she shared her gum. What a fantastic little girl!