Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank Heavens For the 'Whole Armor'

I've been pondering the last few days over things that have transpired the last few days. My anonymous person who ever they may be made reference to my armor. I say to them, yeah for me. I am glad to have the armor on and have it help me to get through each day. Let me tell you this life we lead is not what we learned about in Young Womens. My BFF and I would joke about that all the time how they sure didn't teach us this stuff in Young Womens. The sad thing for me is, even this awesome most incredible person who I love has even left the church and taken her armor off because she has found something else that fulfills her life. I know she will read this so I want her to know that I love her, I truly do and I miss our friendship and miss her. I hope she is happy and finds the answers in life she is searching for.
I know that we are all in this battle of life together and it's so hard to see how Satan truly is attacking the family in anyway possible. I see so many good people around me having so many struggles. For me, the only way I get through it all is truly my testimony and the ability to Pray and know that I have someone on my side. Does that make life easier..not always but it sure does help.
I have had several people e-mail over the past few days and say they know someone who has had some nasty comments put on there blog as well. I still don't know if our "anonymous" person is someone I know or a complete stranger. And in the end it doesn't matter. I took off both posts because they were kind enough to leave me several more nasty messages that I didn't think people needed to see. Now all my comments will be filtered, which is a pain but it's the only thing I can do other than going private. So for now if "anonymous" tries to post more comments to try and get a rise out of people it wont work because the only one who can see the comments is me. Quite frankly I don't have time for you.
It's interesting there reference to the whole "Molly Mormon"attitude. I really truly believe that, that status is long gone. I don't think any of us are trying to be a Molly Mormon. Not even the best of the best. We are all trying to be good people and be good moms and wives and full fill our callings and help out at school and in the community. Does it seem like to too much at times..yes. Do we out do our selves at times...yes. Do I do it because I am trying to one up my neighbor or look the best. Maybe sometimes..but mostly I do it because I want to. I love being a mom, I love going to the school and knowing all the teachers and have them know me. I love and I mean love coaching my kids at basketball and watching them play sports. I love it all. Do I still cry myself to sleep at times because I feel overwhelmed. And I wish I had my sister in laws figure (Annie) I will even name who I envy. Do I wish my skin was flawless like my cousin Crystal. Do I wish I had perfect teeth like Shannon. Oh I so do. But at the end of the day I am just trying to be the best me.
I love the 'whole armor'. ANd love having it on because when I let bits and pieces fall off that is when life gets hard.
So mr. or mrs. anonymous. I suggest you find something else to do with your life that maybe could bring happiness to peoples lives instead of trying and I mean that very lousy, trying to do what? Ruin others. Do some good with your life instead. Send money to the Haiti relief fund. Be kind to a stranger....tell those you love that you love them and appreciate them. Do GOOD.
As President Kimball says....JUST DO IT.

Well I felt I needed to get that out. I have sure appreciated the e-mails and phone calls that I have received. They so made me happy and realize how blessed I am to know so many awesome people. The result of feeling in the deeps of despair has turned into a resolve to be happy and do good and be better.

Hope everyone has a good day.
I think I challenge everyone to do one thing nice for someone this week. Be it big or small, but do it. Post it back and share with us if you want..or don't. But lets pay it forward this week.


Joanne said...

amen!!! that was beautiful and hopefully inspires someone to do something nice!

Brenny said...

Great message. Thanks for sharing. I hope the annonymous person finds someone else to hassle.

By the way, I love your family picture up top. I can't believe how big Boo Boo looks!

Alanna said...

Great thoughts Terra. This life is hard and all we can do is our very best. No need to tear others down while we're at it. I sure do miss you and know that great things are in store for you all up north but Greeley Colorado misses you.

Stefanie said...

Thank you Terra! I can now say I know at least one mature person!

kalinda said...

Sis I love you so much, thank you for always being an inspiration to me. Keep being the wonderful amazing person you are.

Bingy's blog said...

Great Post Terra, I know just how you feel in many of those things! Now to stay motivated to just keep going!
hugs, Inger