Sunday, February 20, 2011

What up with the Halls

Well I almost jumped on Joann's bandwagon to bid the blog farewell. As it seems to be on the very bottom of my priority list but.....I decided that I do really enjoy popping onto everyone else's blog to see what everyone is up to so I figure I need to do better for family and friends so they can see what we are up to.
I had this big long post going on in my head about life but I have decided to forgo the mentalness that exists in my head and just focus on the goings on of the our busy house.

we have been watching lots of basketball. Tevin made the Rep team at middle school and has done alot of playing basketball. He had a great season and made alot of improvements. Abbie has been playing after school basketball and loving it. And Ryan and I spend our saturdays coaching basketball for community ball. Starting in 2 weeks I will be coaching Abbie in Ull and Ryan will be coaching Tevin in U13 for club basketball. Plus Ryan will be coaching Tevin baseball. Still not sure how we are going to fit it all in but we will figure it out somehow.
Over the past few months we have had little girls turn 1 and 3. We have been to many bball tourneys, we have celebrated Christmas with all the Dudley clan at my house and we ate KFC in about 20 minutes on V-day before both dad and mom had to rush off to work.
The kids are growing like crazy and I am afraid it has been some long months of colds and runny noses with the two little girls and we all have cabin fever so bad. The cold weather is starting to wear on all of us.
We have unfortunately postponed our trip to Disneyland for one more year. Yes it was a hard decision and tears were shed but we all decided as a family that we needed to get our yard done this summer and we just can't do both. So I am proud of the kids for learning the lesson of being responsible and making good financial decisions and sometimes that means sacrifice.
So a trip to Kallispell for baseball and a trip to Spokane before school to go to SilverWood and back to school shopping will have to do this summer.
Finally the biggest news of the year is that I am going back to school. Yes I am starting this summer and doing 8 courses over the next year and will be applying to the nursing program next year at this time. How I am going to accomplish this is yet to be determined and still do everything else on my list. But that is where faith comes in and the family pulling together so that when I am done I can work one job and make some good money instead of working 3 part time jobs so supplement the income and pay for all those sporting activities!!
I am excited and ready to stimulate my mind. I love being at home but I am afraid the day to day of being at home seems to be a struggle. It is time.....
Wish me luck and I hope that I can do a little better in keeping you all updated on whats going on in our life. Well it is time to get ready for work. Until next time....

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Alanna said...

It's good to hear from you Terra. Sounds like your life is super busy but fun. Hopefully everyone is done being sick.

How exciting for you to go back to school. You can do it and how nice it is to make that sacrifice with the money and long hours but to then have 1 good job that pays well doing something you are interested in.

Anyway, take care. Your kids are definitely growing up. Good to see pics.