Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My main Man

Well Tevin had his first Thunderbird singers concert tonight. Of course if was great. Simple but sweet and entertaining. He amazes me with the all the abilities that he has. Yet he drives me crazy almost every day. I think that a mother loves her sons so much because they are so different then what they know and they exasperate you yet they bring you so much joy at the same time. At least mine does.
Well life here has been pretty much same old. Busy, busy. Emily is learning how to read and I can't believe how quickly she is picking it up. They use this system called Jolly Phonics and it really teaches them there letters and sounds very quickly.
Abbie lost a tooth today, finally. It is only her third tooth. They seem to be taking forever to be falling out. Boo Boo is growing like crazy and has decided that she needs to have her own personal cell phone at all times. She has even called a few people on occasion with it.
Well that is all for now and I have no pictures to offer but I just wanted to jot down my thoughts about the 4 things that make my life complete!!!

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