Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The day after Monday

Well I am on to day 2 of the new year. Although it is the 6Th the new year started for me on Monday. The previous days before that didn't count because I was still being very lazy!!!

I managed to do some scrappin for at least 30 minutes both days and that feels good. Yesterday was a happy Monday for me. Typically I hate Mondays. The kids get out of school at 2 and so the day seems to fly by. I usually start laundry and so by the time the kids get home the house is a mess and I feel frustrated. So I decided that I was not going to start laundry on Monday any more. That seemed to help me get the house re cooperated from the weekend a lot faster. Therefore creating a Happy Monday. Although by the end of the day I had such a head ache that I took some muscle relaxers way to late and so therefore getting today was not an easy task. Leading into a grumpy Tuesday. I had it out with the Atmos energy lady...got a letter talking about repayment of student loans. Had to transfer money from savings into checking because our freezer went belly up and we had to buy a new one to put all the cow meat we just purchased. Can you feel the headache starting already. And then my cute neighbor came by and brought a thank you card for the Christmas goodies we had given her. And that totally changed my day. We call her the zucchini lady. As she brings us zucchini all summer long for us to turn into bread. She is also a fellow Canadian. A french Canadian but we wont hold that against her. So I decided to tackle the sock basket that has been screaming at me for the last 2 months..fold me, fold me. That definitely made me happy.

Well I guess that is about it. It is my turn to post on the scripture blog that I am a part of so I better go.

Have a great night and here is to the hope that i will be a Happy Wednesday!
As you know I can't post without putting up a picture. So today you get to enjoy Bryna being cute and adorable in her pj's and tutu.

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Heidi said...

French Canadian, that made me laugh!

That picture of Bryna is too cute. Good job surviving the day and I agree the new year didn't start until school did.