Monday, January 5, 2009

A new Year

Well the time has come to finally get back into things and resume daily life. My hope is to really try and make a go at doing my blog on a regular basis. So instead of worrying about the last three months that I missed and trying to go back and update I am starting fresh today and moving forward into a new year. If you want to see pictures of the last three months. Well you will just have to see them on face book.

We had a lesson yesturday in RS about the new year and bascially resolutions. I decided this year that I was not going to make some huge long list of all my resolutions and overwhelm myself. Because basically I already know what I need to do and so I just need to get to work.

These many things that I am working on include better scripture study, prayers, and being a good examlple to my kids at home. Setting a good tone and not being so quick to get angry with the world around me.

I want to try and spend 30 minutes a day working on scrapbooking. My goal is by summer Iwill have the kids school books done and caught up to there current grade. I organized them all the other day so now I just need to get to work. Well I think that is a good start to my week. I hope everyone is having a good day. I am going to post a few photos because I quite frankly what is a post if it doesn't have any photos.


The Russell's said...

cute pictures Tara - I love Tevin's face as he's opening presents! Such a boy! Good to see you guys

Alanna said...

Great pictures Terra. Good to see you back in the blogging world.

Bobbi-Jo said...

Oh, you've reminded me that I'm behind on the girls' school books. I'll have to whip them out and start again. Did you buy the Becky Higgins school kits? I bought a couple and they are making my life SO much easier in that area! I hope you'll post pics of your pages!

terrahall said...

Yes I did. I bought 5. One for each kid and an extra for a 5th potential. And then I got 4 of the expansion packs. I love them. It has really helped me to get things organized. My goal is to be caught up by summer to their current grade. Abbie is in second and I have done the most work on hers so I am focusing on hers first. Em is only in kindergarten so I am going to do her next. Then I am going to get 5th grade done for Tevin so he is caught up and then work backwards on his until I get it done.
Because I havn't even done anything for Bryan. As soon as pay day comes in January I am going to get the baby kit for her so that I can get started.
Hey I have a question? Would you recommend a printer that could print 12 by 12 sheets. Ryan is getting me one for my birthday-well i am buying it-but I have no idea even where to look and what would be good?