Friday, February 27, 2009


Well I was frequenting my blog to look at the other blogs I like to frequent and realized that again it had been about three weeks. Oh well. Life as always is so busy that I barely have time to blog surf let alone write. It amazes me when I do waste some of my time blog surfing at what people do on their blogs.
Well life here has been crazy busy as always. We had two of our foster boys go home yesturday. It was a sad day. Ryan has been busy at the school non stop trying to get work done and I have been busy with appointments and meeting and trying to keep up with the house. I am failing miserably. Money is tight yet the need for this that or the next thing is never ending....sigh. My 10 year old ventured into his first real big mistake in life and got himself into some whopping trouble. Can't wait for those teenage years!!!
But life is still good and we continue to be blessed as always.
I am going to Time ouf for Women in Denver next weekend and look forward to that.
Basketball is almost done so that will be nice and Tevin's play will be done in about 6 weeks. Although soccer is starting as well as baseball. BUt that means warmer weather and playing at the park and going for walks, which brings a smile to my face.
Well that is about all the babbling I need to do for one day.
Life is going to be bringing many changes to the HAll home over the next several months. What those are I still don't know yet but stay tuned and I will keep you posted.
Here are some pics of the kids on V-day. I love my kids so much, even when they make dumb mistakes.
See if you can figure out what that means and wear it comes from.


Shannon said...

Everyone looks so cute and that shirt you made for Brynna is so darling! I am sorry the boys went home.

Trent and Amber said...

I'm assuming TaTa For Now? :) I love when you post, I love catching up and seeing cute pics of the kids. :)