Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazing Children

Well it has been a month of craziness. I think I have almost spent more time at the school then home. We have been so blessed to have such an awesome school for our kids to go to and incredible teachers who care so much. Yesturday was the last day of school and 5th grade graduation. We had an award ceremony in the morning and Tevin recieved the Presidental Award for Educational Excellence. He bascially had to be advanced in math and reading, be involved in extra curricular activities and a few other things. He was near the top of his class in academics. Shawsheen has a tradition that at the end of the awards ceremony all the teachers in the school line up at the front of the gyn and each 5th grader walks by and says good bye. The picture that I posted of that is Tevin's 3rd and4th grade teacher Ms. Hyland. When Tevin got to her she started bawling which of course sent me into bawling and he even started to cry. Especially with us getting ready to move on it was so hard to say good bye to everyone at the school. There were many tears shed and many hugs given. We have been so blessed.
Last week Abbie won an art competition for drawing a post card for The Greeley Commerce. They had to draw a post card that represents Greeley. There were 2000 2nd graders from Greeley who entered and Abbie and another girl in her class were one of 7 who were chosen. There picture will be made into a post card that the Greeley Commerce will use. Once they are printed we will be getting a few copies. She also got a $10 gift card for Wal-mart. She was so excited. Abbie and Emily started softball this week and are doing really well. I don't have any photos of them yet. I will next week. Emily is pretty little to be playing on Abbie's team but I did not want to do t-ball again and only wanted one team plus Tevin's to worry about. Em has had some hits and is doing well though. Well it has been an amazing few weeks and we are going to spend the weekend watching Tevin play baseball and have our foster kiddos in respite. It will be a nice break as well. We are also saying good bye to our good friends the Binns as they are heading back to Colorado Springs this weekend. I know we will be life long friends and it has been so fun having them around the last 3 years. Enjoy the pictures of the kids and I will be back in a few weeks with lots of big news from the Halls.

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