Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm still Alive--Honest

Well the time has finally come to get back into things. I have been living in my one little world these past few months. It has been a bit of a difficult transition but I am hanging in there. I have about 4 weeks left at the very most and I am hoping for 2 - 3 to have this baby out of me. I have been miserable and uncomfortable and pretty much lazy. The weather has been very hot and that has not helped. I am hoping that it is going to cool down a little and that seems to give me some energy. We are living at Grandma's and Grandpa's and that is going well. I will be ready for our own space when the time comes but we are grateful for them and for letting us stay here until we get things figured out. Tevin drives everyday to Lethbridge with Ryan to go to school. It is a 45 minute commute so it is an early morning. He is playing football as well in Lethbridge so sometimes it is 8 before they get home at night. He is doing really well and has taken on his new school with a positive attitude and is making friends. He is happy and I have been so proud of him. The girls are going to school in Claresholm and are happy as can be. They take the bus and they seem to like that enough. Which is nice for me. I don't have to drive them, especially when the baby comes it will be nice not to have to worry about it. They are doing dance in Claresholm and are enjoying it. Every Wednesday we drive to Lethbridge for them to go to choir. Which they are enjoying. Emily has had some firsts happen in the last few months. She learned how to ride her bike and she lost her two front teeth just last week. And last but not least we have Boo Boo who keeps me on my toes and is my little buddy. The two of us spend our days haning out and have the house to our selves. She is talking like crazy and we have started potty training. She is fun to have around and she doesn't miss a beat. She loves going out every morning and watching the girls get on the bus and waving to them. Last week she tried to get on the bus and decided she wanted to go with them. So we went for a walk instead and that was an ok second option.

We miss our friends very much in Colorado and look forward to visiting. But we are happy and settling into our new environment. I look forward to getting to Lethbridge and getting settled. Ryan is working very hard and right now we see little of him on the weekends as he is very involved with the sporting events that are taking place. We are going to Mexico in April for a week as one of his best high school friends is getting married there. We are looking forward to that. Well I am grateful for the world of blogging so atleast I can see what everyone is up to and I am back on track and my goal is to do a couple posts a month. Here are a few pictures of our happenings over the last few months. Bye for now and hopefully news of a baby will soon be following.


Alanna said...

It's so good to see pictures and hear from you. It sounds like things are going pretty well. I'm sorry that you're miserable. I hope your last few weeks go good and that you enjoy the last bit of time before baby comes.

I'm so excited to hear what you all have. Best wishes!

Amber said...

It's so good to hear from you. So glad you guys are settling in. Sorry you are miserable try to enjoy a few more nights of sleep :) look forward to news of a new baby.

Johnson Family said...

It is good to hear all that your cute family is up to. I don't think you are being completely honest though, because I have NEVER known you to be anything even resembling LAZY! Who do you think you're kidding? :) Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly and I am looking forward to pictures of your new little one!