Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The cold has arrived

Well for all my whining and complaining about the heat the cold has finally arrived. Although I do welcome it with open arms the kids aren't as thrilled about it as I am. But I have more energy than I have had in months and feel like I can handle life a little better. That I feel like the count down can officially start now that tomorrow brings us October. I thought it was time to change the blog a little. I love Halloween. I know there are lots of people who despise this holiday. But I love the colors and the excitement it brings for the kids and helping them with there costumes. I am interested to see how they celebrate it here at school. If the kids get a party or not. I know there has been lots of places that have gone away from that. Hopefully we get to wear our costumes to school and have some fun. But if not we will not complain and be happy. Well that is all for now. Boo boo insists on trying to type with me so it is time to get off as that is not going over real well. I look forward to sooner than later sharing an announcement with everyone. Either that we have found a house or that we have had a baby. Either one would make me happy!!!!!


Bobbi-Jo said...

I hear ya about the cold. I love the energy it brings, and the excuse it gives to relax with a hot mug of chocolate! YUM!

I remember my last weeks of pregnancy with HORROR. lol. I hated those last weeks - so uncomfortable. The cooler weather must be SO NICE for you after a hot September. I can't wait to hear an announcement!

Stefanie said...

Hey Terra,
glad to hear that you are settled and happy. Hhope to hear news of your baby and house soon.

Stefanie Lambert