Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How many times have you been to the fire station????

Well that is the question I pose today. How many fire station field trips have you been on. I am sure I can beat you all.

After thinking about it the magic number is 7. Plus my dad was fireman growing up and so we went a few times when Tevin and Abbie were little. So I am boosting my number up to 9.
Does it get more exciting every time you go. Well no...but...the adorable 6 year old who get to ride the truck all the way to the station from the school was all smiles and had fun. And the 23 month old wasn't quite sure about the whole thing, especially when the fireman came in with his gear on. That got her up and running over to mom's lap ( whats left of moms) lap. I figure with two more children to go through pre-school and kindergarten we could have that grand total number up to possible 13 by the time I am done. And of course I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Pregnancy update - for all of you who are anxiously waiting for me to be out of my misery. Actually I have been feeling a little better. The bruised tail bone or chipped or whatever happened to it is getting a bit better. Although I am a little worried about pushing the baby out when most of the pressure comes from the back and you have to push. But I am sure the excruciating pain coming from my tail bone will be over ridden by my body being ripped in two.
I am done to a count we have 12 days left. The doctor is going to induce me on the 19th of October. So unless I have the baby earlier than that the 19th is the date. It is a little weird knowing the actual date that you will have your baby. Never had that before. I am excited and ready. Well I just noticed that Bryna fell asleep on the chair so I better move her to her bed before she wakes up and doesn't take a good nap.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend my fellow Canadians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rye and I were talking last night how we will miss American Thanksgiving. Canadian Thanksgiving comes so fast and there isn't the hype or the tradition around it. Oh well what can you do. None the less Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you are surrounded by family and friends.


Brenny said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Kyle, Stef, Ellie, Emma and Brooklyn said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well! We're excited to hear the news when new baby arrives! Be sure to call us or send us a text or email (Ryan can handle that of course)! We miss having you guys in Colorado, we'd love to have you guys stay with us when you come back to visit!

Brenny said...

Stacy keeps asking me if you have updated your blog yet with pictures of the new little one. Definitely give us a sneak peak when you get the chance. Hope everything is going well!