Monday, October 18, 2010

puppy, puppy,puppy

Well I better get my act in gear with blogging before life is gone and the kids are all grown up!!
I can't get over how time goes by so quickly. Some dear friends of ours lost there 39 year old daughter on friday to cancer. She was diagnosed less than 6 weeks ago! Wow is right. She was a single girl but she was a elementary teacher and although I did not know her personally very well she was an awesome person. Ryan played basketball with her brother Spencer Holt at the Uof L many many moons ago. Barb and Wayne Holt there parents are the best of the best. They treated Ryan and I so good during our basketball years and we will always hold a special place in our heart for them as we spent many times at there home playing cut throat UNO and sitting in the stands together cheers our boys on. It is times like these that I am knocked back to reality and am reminded of all the many blessing I have.
Which unfortunealty includes now a puppy!!!!!
For those of you who know about our last experience with a puppy I imagine you are laughing right now and wondering why!
But it is called a husband who loves dogs and couldn't wait until spring like we planned. That way we would have a yard and a deck and a fence. Oh no we needed to get this puppy right now.
But I can say she is adorable and we love her. The short time she has been on our home is more enjoyable than one day with Redick. I don't think we even had one good day with that poor mut!!!
Her name is Sage and I think she is going to be a good one.


kalinda said...

awww so cute can't wait to met her

Brenny said...

Cute puppy! He looks like a lot of fun for the kids. :) THanks again for coming down a couple of weekends ago. It was wonderful to have you there.

I totally remembered who is in Lethbridge that I tried to tell you about at the luncheon. It is a newly married girl from Windsor whose husband is from Canada. They are going to school up there, although I'm not sure she can yet because she doesn't have a visa or something? I'm pretty sure she isn't working. Anyway, Darren and I used to teach her in Sunday School when we lived in Windsor.